Social Home Improvement Site Houzz Makes a Move to Monetize

Social Home Improvement Site Houzz Makes a Move to MonetizeWhen it comes to social media, new contenders in the industry have the most success if they are geared toward a niche audience. This is why Houzz launched as a social home improvement site that allows individuals access to creative ways in which they can do everything from decorate to repair and maintain their home.

While the information on Houzz is invaluable, the site is constantly on the lookout for ways in which they can further monetize their site. The latest effort involves the launch of their Houzz Pay-Per-Click advertising program.

This now makes the social home-improvement site more attractive to home decor and home repair businesses. On top of that, advertisers can integrate with ChannelAdvisor allowing retailers to run seasonal and daily specials, and promote featured products.

“While the PPC Advertising Program is not supported by the mobile Houzz site or the Houzz mobile application at this time, all of the products that are included in the program get product pages on Houzz and end up as organic content on both the site and in the mobile app,” Matt Jones, ChannelAdvisor digital marketing product manager, tells Mobile Commerce Daily.