SOASTA Shows Off Next-Gen Performance Analytics Solutions for Digital Performance Management

front-touchtestSOASTA, a leader in performance analytics, announced Wednesday that it is now delivering next-generation performance insights for digital businesses with the addition of Third-Party Resource Analytics, Conversion Impact and Activity Impact scores, Session Path Analysis, and Predictive Analytics from SOASTA’s Data Science Workbench (DSWB) platform.

Why is this important? According to the SOASTA crew, brands can now improve revenue and deliver great customer experiences by improving their digital performance in real time with precise insights based on their real user data.

With this release, SOASTA is evolving how companies view their user events, enabling them to make the best decisions for their digital business. SOASTA‘s data-driven approach creates a baseline for Digital Performance Management; out of this data, companies can more effectively manage their digital assets.

DSWB, we’re told, is the only data science technology available in today’s market with a total focus on the performance of application/web/mobile digital properties.

“No competitor has data science capabilities that focus entirely on digital performance and its relationship to conversion, revenue and business outcome,” said SOASTA Executive Chairman and Founder Ken Gardner.

To learn more, check out SOASTA here.