Snipp Interactive Turns Attention to Mobile Market In Brazil

Snipp Interactive Turns Attention to Mobile Market In BrazilMobile marketing is still a new enough industry that it remains fairly underutilized in many countries around the world—including Brazil.

However, as the mobile consumer base in Brazil continues to grow — and grow at a rapid rate of speed — Snipp Interactive Inc. has decided to partner with FTC Cards Inc. and Petrobras.

This new mobile centered partnership will impact the 7,500+ gas stations that Petrobras owns throughout Brazil and will provide everything from credit card processing, loyalty and reward programs, and a multitude of mobile and cross-platform marketing opportunities.

If all goes as planned, this partnership could prove to be quite substantial for Snipp, which will receive 20% of all mobile profits generated in Brazil.

“Brazil is a huge market for us and we are thrilled to be partnering with FTC and its team, who not only understand the market really well and have deep commercial partnerships already in place, but have also invested in Snipp and are intimately familiar with our offerings,” says Atul Sabharwal, CEO and co-founder of Snipp. “In addition to Brazil, we have partners in place in Mexico and Colombia, and we will continue to expand our presence in Latin America and worldwide by partnering with strong local companies in each market.”