Snapchat Snaps Back After Security Breach

Snapchat Snaps Back After Security BreachOn Tuesday, hackers released the partially redacted phone numbers and user names of 4.6 million Snapchat users, effectively ringing in the new year with an alarming hack of the popular mobile chat platform.

The company finally responded to the security breach with a statement adding further insight into what happened.

According to the blog post, Snapchat says no other information, including Snaps, was leaked or accessed in these attacks.

We will be releasing an updated version of the Snapchat application that will allow Snapchatters to opt out of appearing in Find Friends after they have verified their phone number. We’re also improving rate limiting and other restrictions to address future attempts to abuse our service.

Unfortunately for Snapchat, many users claim to be “done” with the service in response to what many perceive to be an inept effort by the company to protect the platform from such an attack in the first place.

Will you use Snapchat again after this week’s attack?