SnapApp Publishes ‘The Campaign Confidence Gap’ Report

student-849825_960_720Ahead of the weekend, MMW learned that SnapApp — provider of a popular SaaS platform used by B2B marketers to create, publish, manage and measure interactive content — has just publicly rolled out the results of “The Campaign Confidence Gap” report.

The report in question identifies gaps and challenges with traditional B2B marketing campaigns.

Conducted by Demand Gen Report and sponsored by SnapApp, MMW has learned that the new survey reveals that “as pressure mounts for B2B marketers to deliver high-quality and highly targeted leads,” a staggering 82 percent reported being only “somewhat confident” or “not very confident” in the effectiveness of their campaigns.

The report also highlights how savvy B2B marketers are finding better results and conversions by delivering dynamic and interactive experiences through content-enabled campaigns.

“We were surprised to learn how uncertain B2B marketers were about the effectiveness of their campaigns and wanted to understand what was causing this confidence gap,” said Aaron Dun, senior vice president of marketing at SnapApp. “We found that traditional B2B marketing strategies have become stale for buyers, reflecting a seller-centric approach to marketing. While delivering dynamic buyer-centric content that creates a two-way dialogue with prospects may have been viewed as an added bonus in 2016, it’s now evident that organizations that fail to incorporate this strategy into their 2017 marketing campaigns will struggle to achieve their demand gen goals.”

To download the full report, click here.