SMS/MMS Remain Cornerstone Of Mobile: Revenues Reaching $233B By 2014

SMS, MMS Remain Cornerstone Of Mobile Communication - Revenues Reaching 233B By 2014SMS and MMS usage is higher than ever, we all know that.  But just how huge and far-reaching the technology has become is still impressive nonetheless, and was the focus of a recent report published by Portio Research entitled; “Mobile Messaging Future 2010-2014.”

The report, focusing on the overall mobile messaging industry worldwide, indicates that in 2009 alone, the industry generated a healthy $150 billion in revenue, with a projected $233 billion by 2014.  The sheer reach of the technology is staggering, and has no signs of slowing down.  Due to SMS being a nearly ubiquitous feature on all cell phones produced and in use today, the technology has become the epitome of mainstream mainly because it’s cheap, convenient, easy to use, discreet and universally acceptable the world over.  In 2009, the report suggests, worldwide SMS traffic topped 5 trillion messages, and that figure is set to exceed 10 trillion in 2013.

The success of mobile messaging in general isn’t solely attributed to SMS, with MMS coming on strong in the last five years.  A technology that many deemed a failure, MMS now accounts for $27 billion in worldwide revenue (2009).  MMS is posting similar usage and revenue numbers that SMS did only a few short years ago, and with its projected growth over the coming years, is set to become equally ubiquitous overtime.

Because SMS/MMS has become so mainstream, we’re starting to see a shift in what’s possible using the medium- well beyond basic text communication and marketing.  Things like reminders and other health-related uses, mobile commerce, mobile donations and a slew of other concepts where utilizing SMS or MMS just makes sense.  Consumers have gotten comfortable with the idea of using SMS, and the thought of utilizing the technology to better their everyday lives is something they’re very susceptible to.