SMSJock and FuelCels Team Up For Budget-Minded Mobile Marketing

It’s no secret that mobile marketing is effective. It’s also no secret that it can be expensive, particularly for small business owners looking to compete with powerhouse retailers equipped with the capital to advertise to the hilt and practically annihilate the lesser competition.

But if the strategic partnership born between SMSJock (a web-based application tool created by Feedtext, Inc.) and FuelCels (a San Francisco-based marketing firm) has anything to do with it, perhaps mobile marketing “on a budget” will assist business owners in getting more bang for their limited buck.

SMSJock, which offers “broadcasters and advertisers a powerful do-it-yourself mobile marketing solution that allows for real-time interaction with targeted audiences,” will help business owners easily and affordably coordinate text message campaigns, reach targeted customers close to the point of purchase, provide digital coupons, create giveaways or contests, and most importantly, foster brand loyalty and provide customers with the opportunity for easy (and invaluable) feedback.

“We see great opportunity to add value to our clients marketing programs with SMSJock,” stated Jinx Macabenta, CEO of FuelCels, Inc. “Its all-in-one web-based features create a powerful platform for mobile marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes.”

Understandably, this is a very attractive and financially feasible opportunity for anyone with a business to promote, a product to sell, or a project to unveil.  As the mobile marketing industry learned on the heels of the CTIA Semi Annual Wireless Survey, SMS-based interactive campaigns generate accelerated response rates and promise to better engage customers than other advertising opportunities available – and at higher cost.

To learn more about SMSJock, visit Potential clients are urged to contact Jinx Macabenta at FuelCels @