SMS Tops Email in Consumer Preference When it Comes to Business Interaction

emailFor many marketers, it’s a case of “tell me something I didn’t already know.” But for others, it’s potentially valuable news of epic proportions.

Flowroute, a provider of cloud communications, recently presented findings from a nationwide survey examining the communications channels that consumers prefer to use when engaging with businesses.

According to the report in question, here are the takeaways to note:

  • 95 percent of the business emails respondents received were “not at all” relevant to them and indicated a clear lack of understanding from businesses and retailers about how to effectively reach their audiences.
  • More than half of consumers surveyed said they would view a business more positively if they offered SMS as a communications channel
  • 82 percent read text messages from businesses within five minutes.

To learn more, check out the Flowroute report online here.