SMS Spam Still a Problem

data-focused-market-researchers-eager-to-reel-in-new-insight-from-pollfish-personasAccording to an eye-opening new report from eMarketer, SMS spam is still a problem causing headaches and annoyances for consumers everywhere.

“Spam messages coming from SMS and messaging apps are becoming more widespread,” this week’s report explains.

According to the latest industry data, over half of text message users globally now receive at least one weekly spam message.

Alarmingly, more than a quarter get spammed every day with unsolicited messages.

Most are being spammed frequently. In addition to the 28% of SMS users who are receiving unsolicited messages via SMS every day, 26% of mobile messaging app users are getting spam on their over-the-top (OTT) messaging apps just as frequently.

To learn more about the scourge of SMS spam, check out the full eMarketer report here.