SMS Provider Tatango Launches Version 3.0

Text Message service provider Tatango has launched version 3.0 of its service and Website, placing more emphasis on small to medium sized businesses along with retaining its focus on messaging for groups and larger organizations.

In a recent blog post, Tatango Founder and CEO Derek Johnson detailed the revamp to the company’s Website and various resources — including the launch of a new SMS marketing newsletter, SMS marketing blog and a free 7-day trial of the company’s SMS marketing platform.

Though most of the updates were on the exterior in terms of Website design and updated resources, the company has slightly shifted focus to helping small and medium sized businesses get started with SMS marketing.  In its early days, the company primarily focused on group messaging via SMS, but has recognized the need for guidance and true opt-in SMS marketing on a smaller scale as well.

“Over the last couple of years we started to notice that a growing majority of our customers were small to medium size businesses, but our website and it’s features were more focused on groups and organizations,” explained Johnson.  “The launch of V3 has allowed us to better align with our current customer base, both visually and functionally.  I’m excited for both the future of tatango and SMS marketing, as I’ve seen both really start to gain significant mindshare of businesses already in the first half of 2011.”

We’ve long been a fan of Tatango and its founder, primarily for their long-standing dedication to true opt-in messaging and the fact that they place so much emphasis on educating businesses and the industry at large on the right way to leverage SMS.  Mr. Johnson regularly blogs on the subject and frequently calls out organizations that spam their customers and blatantly disregard best practices and regulation.

“Unlike a majority of our competitors, we don’t allow the practice of importing phone numbers into our platform,” continued Johnson.  “Every phone number in the Tatango platform must be opted-in through both a shortcode and mobile keyword. In addition, Tatango is one of the first SMS providers to by default insert “To opt-out reply STOP” at the bottom of each and every SMS campaign. We here at Tatango feel like the more proactive we are at fighting SMS SPAM, the more success our clients will have and the better the SMS marketing industry will be in the future.”