SMS Marketing Campaign Planned for Wayne Dyer Inspired eBook

wayne dyerIs mobile marketing the future of publicity pushes in the publishing world? We’re about to find out.

According to an announcement this week from Sports Entertainment Publishing, the publishing company is targeting its opted-in readership with SMS notifications of the company’s latest and highly controversial and unauthorized release — one that strives to knock acclaimed author Wayne Dyer down a peg.

“As an author of some of the bestselling self-help books of all time, Dyer became a hero to millions,” the publisher said this week. “But as celebrated motivation blogger and writer Tony Robbin observes in his fascinating and controversial new work, the legacy of Wayne Dyer is ultimately one where the man’s message can not and should not take a backseat to the man himself.”

The message, Robbin argues in his essay, is far bigger and more important than any one man.

Will the marketing push for the new book works as it lands on mobile devices this week? We’ll know when the first sales figures for the new book are released publicly.

For now, to check out “The Message, Not the Man: An Unauthorized Work About the Life and Legacy of Dr. Wayne Dyer,” click here.