SMS Consumer Behavior Case Study – SMS Generates 2:1 Return On Ad Spend

SMS marketing provider Text2VIP issued a press release today detailing an interesting case study it performed with one of its clients; Bare Feet Shoes.

The company wanted to prove that text messaging impacted consumer behavior, both online and in mobile.  A third party, Media Armor, executed the study by isolating and quantifying the conversion and brand engagement of consumers exposed to the messaging.  The study ran from October 15th through November 1st, and encompassed data from two SMS blasts.

Messaged consumers were identified post-SMS, with site interaction and conversion behavior followed across mobile and online devices and compared against an organic site traffic baseline.  In the end, the findings indicate that SMS “positively impacted consumer behavior across multiple platforms” and generated a 2:1 return on ad spend overall.  When measuring mobile-to-online purchase behavior, SMS heavily influenced the consumer’s purchase decision and improved the ability to directly identify products of interest by 67%.

The study proved that text messaging created a greater brand awareness and utility, while enhancing consumer engagement with Bare Feet Shoes.  In direct correlation to improvement of identifying specific products of interest, SMS increased a consumer’s likelihood of browsing deeper in the purchase funnel by 27%.