SMS Aids Real-Time Updates About Swine Flu

New age technology is helping ease the fear surrounding Swine Flu and helping spread the latest news, in real-time, to interested and worrisome citizens.  Instead of waiting for the local news every night, one service aims to provide news updates via SMS at no charge- other than standard carrier SMS rates that is.

Provided by, the service aims to send out information 1-3 times daily with urgent information- such as new outbreak info, messages from health authorities and travel warnings as they develop.  News issued by the CDC or WHO will also be sent in real-time.  To sign up, simply text “PIGFLU” to 41411.

The benefits of the latest technology come in all forms, but in this case, SMS has proved its relevance once again.  In cases like this, people want to know what’s going on in real-time, and SMS-based services like the one provided by is a perfect example.