SMB Market for Mobile SaaS to Reach $3.3B This Year, Growing to $16.6B in 2016

According to a new survey out recently from Strategy Analytics, the market for mobile Software-as-a-Service solutions is expected to reach $3B by the end of the year, growing to an impressive $16.6B by 2016 — representing a 5-year CAGR of 29.5%.

According to the data, North America and Western Europe represent the greatest SMB spending opportunity for mobile SaaS, with SMBs in North America spending twice as much than those in Western Europe.  Smartphones and wireless devices form the basis of mobility and pave the way for mobile applications including access to company e-mail, calendars, CRM systems and databases.

“As SMBs continue to form mobility strategies, they will look for ways to use the SaaS gains that mobility provide,” the report explains.  “Mobility services continue to be a viable segment for mobile operators to grow their subscriber base and revenue. Growth derives from the proliferation of personal-liable devices in business.”