SmartZip Rolls Out Smart CRM Functionality and a Mobile Prospecting App

women doing multi-taskingSmartZip Analytics, Inc., a provider of predictive marketing technology for real estate, tells MMW that they have redesigned and enhanced their flagship software product, SmartTargeting.

SmartTargeting now includes a real estate focused CRM technology that lets agents keep track and stay connected to their top seller prospects while they are both inside and outside the office.

A stand-alone CheckIn app, which now comes standard with SmartTargeting, helps agents track, schedule and prioritize follow up actions such as phone calls, emails, door knocking and other common outreach activities from any mobile device.

According to the company’s formal announcement, automated follow up workflows called “CheckIns” keep agent accountability high and help them to build critical relationships with homeowners. The app syncs data and contact insights from SmartTargeting so real estate professionals can have more educated conversations with prospects, and keep track of their most important daily follow up actions to streamline their business and close more deals.

“We are extremely excited to introduce this game-changing smart CRM technology to our customers,” said SmartZip president and CEO Avi Gupta. “The real estate industry is thirsty for insightful outreach and productivity tools that allow agents to narrow their focus and work smarter. The all-new SmartTargeting gives real estate professionals the opportunity for automated, streamlined follow through, which is critical for expanding their listings business.”