Smarty Ads Rolls Out iOS SDK for In-App Advertising

MMW was briefed on the news that morning that the SmartyAds SDK for iOS has arrived.

We’re told, the offering is lightweight and comes with ad quality control functionality, “allowing mobile publishers to choose the highest earning mobile ad formats.”

According to a provided release, the company’s SDK integrates iOS applications with SmartyAds’ SSP, allowing app developers to offer advertising inventory to demand partners worldwide instantaneously.

SmartyAds SDK for iOS Version 1.0 is easily customized and uniquely designed for each client. The SDK offers robust monetization tools for app developers, allowing them to manage advertising space, choose best-performing ad formats and optimize configuration settings. The IOS SDK is only 2.5 MB, helping to reduce app size and minimize discrepancies in mobile app’s load time.

“Apart from the newest iOS SDK, SmartyAds offers Android SDK for mobile ads,” an emailed statement concludes. “With ultra lightweight Android SDK, clients can easily leverage custom banner ads, interstitials and a variety of VAST video ads that enhance user experience. Using SmartyAds SDKs for iOS and Android, app developers can sell inventory programmatically through the SmartyAds ad tech platform.”