Smartphones Now Three-Quarters of the Mobile Market

Smartphones Now Three-Quarters of the Mobile MarketIt’s the most impressive smartphone stat you’re going to read today.

According to the latest data from comScore, smartphones now make up a whopping 75% of the mobile market.

That’s up from 65% just one year ago. As of this writing, three-quarters of Americans over the age of 13 now have smartphones.

Andrew Lipsman, VP of marketing and insights at comScore, says the number of Americans who don’t yet own a mobile device is so miniscule that it hardly registers on comScore’s radar.

“If you take a look at the big picture, it’s how mobile has taken over and become the dominant platform through which people engage in digital media,” Lipsman is quoted by SFGate.

Desktop computer use has flattened out, but people are spending more time in front of a digital screen — whether it be on the way to work, throughout the day, sitting in front of the TV or in bed at night — because of the availability of smartphones and tablets, he said.

The biggest benefit of a constantly-connected nation? People are “better informed and may be learning more quickly,” Lipsman suggests in the report.