Smartphones Helping More Americans Find Work… and Lose It

Internationally renowned job coach Mike Harper says that smartphones have fundamentally changed how people find work… and also how they lose it.

The author of “Find a Career and Keep Your Sanity: An expert guide to modern employment,” Harper says the duality of the smartphone’s impact on modern employment is undeniable.

“Job hunters are searching for jobs and applying for them directly from the mobile phones today,” Harper tells MMW this week. “But those who are reckless and a little naive in the workforce can lose what they gain to the same technology.”

Harper cites an employer testimony to articulate his point:

I am manager of a manufacturing department overseeing 55 employees. Most of whom are entry level. Employees don’t understand. “You are hired to do a job, not stare at your phone.” I interviewed a possible new hire last week, this is no lie. While I am showing this girl our company she had her phone in hand the entire time. Then her phone rings and the best part is “She Answered the Call” during a job interview!!!! You can’t make this stuff up. I fired one employee 3 months ago who was updating his Facebook page via his phone during work hours. It is out of control.

Harper says he is working with a leading research firm to produce an infographic highlighting how smartphones are used to gain employment and how frequently they are responsible for lost work.

MMW will bring you the findings of the report upon it’s completion later this spring.