Smartphones Being Admitted to the Hospital in Record Numbers

smartphoneSmartphones are everywhere these days — especially in hospitals.

Spyglass Consulting Group recently released its most recent healthcare study entitled Large-scale Smartphone-based deployments enable hospital-wide communications.   

Overall, a report summary from MHW reads, the study shows that 63 percent of hospitals and health systems surveyed have deployed or plan to deploy a mobile communications platform supporting more than 500 Smartphones over the next 12 to 18 months.

According to a news release, these deployments “address the mission- and patient-critical communications required by nurses and other mobile hospital workers across the enterprise.”

The average size deployment included 1,100 Smartphones while the largest deployment included more than 5,000 Smartphones.

Spyglass found that forty-four percent of organizations surveyed had developed comprehensive mobile communications strategies to address the current and future communications and collaboration requirements of nurses, care team members, and other mobile hospital workers.

“While initial deployments are often limited to support clinical messaging between nurses and their support staff within targeted medical departments,” said Gregg Malkary, Managing Director of the Spyglass Consulting Group, “many organizations quickly expand the scope and usage models to include all hospital workers and workflows across medical departments, standalone hospitals, and ambulatory environments and clinics.”

The complete market study, Large-scale Smartphone-based deployments enable Hospital-Wide Communications, is available for free from Spyglass Consulting Group at