Smartphone, Tablet Adoption Growing Among Teens

Smartphone, Tablet Adoption Growing Among TeensU.S. teenagers are now among the fastest-growing adopters of mobile devices, especially smartphones and tablets.

An October 2013 survey from the Family Online Safety Institute (FOFSI) showed that smartphone and tablet use “saw a large leap among US teenagers” aged 13 to 17 between 2012 and 2013.

Survey summary coverage from eMarketer points to the reality that smartphone penetration climbed to 64% in 2013, from 43% the previous year among this age group.

The climb in tablet use was just as dramatic, climbing to 67% in 2013 from 45% in 2012. The survey also found that smartphone penetration was highest among males ages 16 to 17, at 74%.

Not surprisingly, the most popular activities conducted on these devices center around communicationbs. Close to 90% of survey respondents admit to sending and receiving text messages through their mobile devices.