Smartphone Game Angry Birds Coming to the Silver Screen

Rovio Mobile – makers of Angry Birds, the wildly successful mobile game that has enjoyed the riches of some 75 million app downloads to date – is setting up a new nest of sorts in Hollywood.

On Monday, the powers-that-be at 20th Century Fox have announced a new Angry Birds-themed movie.

Angry Birds Rio, starring two macaws named Fox and Rovio, opens April 15th.

To help cross-promote the film, Finnish company behind the original Angry Birds came will release an Angry Birds RIO video game coming in March. The game will feature 45 new levels, all of which will be available through app updates.

20th Century Fox isn’t taking any chances with the film by simply relying upon its popular mobile gaming history to drive box office sales. As a result, the studio has brought in some big guns to help give Angry Birds Rio a real shot at “blockbuster” status.

Angry Birds Rio stars Jamie Foxx and George Lopez, who have lent their talents and voices to the forthcoming film.

Angry Birds Rio is a match made in heaven for a mobile application and a major motion picture,” says Mikael Hed, CEO at Rovio Mobile. “And this collaboration with Fox is definitely one the most exciting partnerships we have entered into with the Angry Birds brand to date.”

“In addition to expanding the horizons of two fantastic entertainment brands and creating a great new gaming experience,” Hed added, “we have also taken the concept of combining a mobile application and motion picture promotion to an entirely new level.”