Smartphone and Tablet Usage Changing The Great Outdoors

Smartphone and Tablet Usage Changing The Great OutdoorsOur collective penchant for using smartphones, tablets, and connected devices wherever we go is changing the technological demands of our time.

According to the latest research conducted by the independent London-based global research firm TechNavio, connected-device reliance is driving the growth of the Global Outdoor Wi-Fi Equipment Market.

Due to the increasing adoption of smartphones and tablets by a relatively younger and affluent generation globally, the demand for Wi-Fi access for these devices has increased considerably. Many telecom operators are now setting up network architecture that can contend with the surging demand for smartphones and tablets equally.

“Globally, the demand for Outdoor Wi-Fi Equipment Market has increased from countries located in the APAC region, with more than 38 percent of the revenue generating from this area,” the report reads. “This is because of the increasing adoption of Wi-Fi equipment in countries like Japan and South Korea, who are the leading contributors in this region.”

Based on the data presented, the Americas was the second largest contributor to the Global Outdoor Wi-Fi Equipment market, accounting for more than 37 percent in 2013, with the US and Canada being the major revenue contributors in this region.

Additionally, the EMEA region closely followed behind, accounting for more than 22 percent of the Global Outdoor Wi-Fi Equipment market in 2013, with operators focusing on the development of core mobile networks to offer 4G services.