Smarter Mobile Shopping? That’s the Goal of Mobiquity Networks’ Partnership With Mobeam

Smarter Mobile Shopping That's the Goal of Mobiquity Networks' Partnership With MobeamMobiquity Networks, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mobiquity Technologies, Inc., powers a leading national location-based mobile advertising and app engagement network.

Now the company has announced its new partnership with Mobeam. Mobeam is a leader in in-store mobile barcode beaming technology. The firm’s patented light-based beaming technology overrides technical barriers to enable point of sale (POS) red laser scanners to read barcodes on Android mobile devices.

“Mobeam will integrate Mobiquity Networks’ software into its popular Beep’nGo app, enabling it to deliver smarter and more convenient ways to pay and save while shopping,” a statement provided to MMW reads.

“Popular and emerging “mobile payment” apps rely on NFC or other technologies that communicate with credit card payment terminals, but not with scanners,” explains the news release. “Mobeam enables true mobile “wallets” and not just NFC-based card payment substitutes, meaning Beep’nGo users can now carry loyalty cards, membership cards, gift cards, tickets, vouchers, and coupons in one app, providing them with universal POS access at retailers.”

The advantage? Mobeam technology easily integrates with every existing mobile payment app, securing its status as a comprehensive mobile wallet.

“Our goal is to make the shopping experience for consumers as easy as possible using mobile technology which enables true digital wallets, not simply digital credit card alternatives,” said George Garrick, the CEO of Mobeam. “We chose to work with Mobiquity Networks because it powers the largest shopping mall-based beacon advertising network in the U.S., and is known for delivering proximity marketing without compromising the user experience.”

Going that “last mile” is crucial, believes Garrick.

“By joining Mobiquity Networks’ publisher network, we can improve the shopping experience even more by enabling shoppers to redeem their Mobiquity offers by simply beaming them into the checkout scanner,” Garrick explained. “We complete the ‘last mile’ of capturing valuable targeted retail deals and enabling the shopper to easily transmit those savings into the checkout POS for an instant redemption.”