Small Businesses Still Prefer iPhone to Android for Mobile Payments

Small Businesses Still Prefer iPhone to Android for Mobile PaymentsIt’s no secret that America’s small business owners prefer Apple’s iPhone to Android devices.

According to the latest data from Intermedia, Apple’s iPhone and iPad are still the undisputed leaders in this space.

“The survey made by Intermedia covered 500,000 accounts of their customers, all of which working for small- and medium-sized businesses. You’ll probably be surprised to know that of those 500k accounts, 68.2% have been using iPhones, while only 25.1% have had Android smartphones,” reports.

In terms of mobile payments, Apple’s iPhone remains the winner too.

A series of reports published in late July indicates that entrepreneurs and business owners in need of a mobile payments solution prefer to slap their PayAnywhere, Square, or GoPayment reader on an iPhone than an Android device.

“In the big picture,” says Ken Hollensworth of Enterprise SecTall, a security software solutions provider, “the security of mobile payments has more to do with the card readers and corresponding apps than the mobile operating systems behind them.”

According to Hollensworth, today’s leading solutions like those referenced above continue to exemplify outstanding security prowess and should be viewed as the “best of the best” among today’s solutions – for iOS or Android.