Small Business Owners Still Prefer Direct Mail Over Mobile Marketing?

New research out from Network Solutions and the University of Maryland suggest that small business owners still prefer so-called “tried and tested” marketing channels like direct mail over mobile marketing solutions, even though most ” fully understand the many benefits of the mobile channel.”

According to the study, entitled the “Small Business Success Index,” almost three-quarters of smaller firms recognize that text messaging and location-based marketing solutions can drive sales, however just 15% of owners consider mobile marketing to be “extremely” or “very” valuable in reaching new prospects and a fifth felt it was only “somewhat” important to their direct marketing strategy.

In trying to explain why they don’t utilize mobile campaigns, 20% of small businesses argued that it wasn’t a “mature and proven” area for investment, with most preferring direct mail solutions.  While I understand the notion of small business owners thinking the mobile channel isn’t “matured” to the point of traditional marketing channels, the lack of it being proven is up for debate.  There’s been countless success stories and the fact that nearly every major brand has some form of mobile strategy should speak for itself.

Small business owners work on much smaller budgets than large-scale national brands, but hyperlocal campaigns is where mobile shines equally as bright.  I understand that business owners see mobile marketing as a gamble, but I think it largely comes down to a lack of understanding and overall knowledge of just how effective and efficient the channel really is.