Smaato Turns 5: Now Serves 16+ Billion Mobile Requests Per Month With 7K Publishers

Smaato Turns 5: Now Serves 16+ Billion Mobile Requests Per Month With 7K PublishersSmaato recently reached an important milestone in the mobile advertising industry – it reached the five year mark.  Celebrating its fifth birthday, the company announced it’s now serving over six billion mobile ad requests per month with over 7,000 publishers signed into its network.

The company has been busy despite its anniversary, also announcing a new whitepaper entitled “The Mobile Advertising Ecosystem,” which describes how app developers and mobile publishers can best navigate and monetize mobile advertising opportunities.  “Smaato has produced this whitepaper to help give an overview of the industry to those taking their first steps into mobile advertising,” said Harald Neidhardt, Smaato CMO and Co-Founder.  “We hope that the information in this paper and the monthly Smaato Metrics help to educate and provide a benchmark to demonstrate that mobile ad-optimization can drive effective monetization on a global scale.”

Speaking of Smaato’s always interesting monthly mobile metrics reports, the company also used its birthday to release its latest summary for July.  Among the highlights, Apple showed a significant increase in click through rates (CTR) globally and as well for the US and the European market, while Android decreased enormously in the US and lost its solid position from June.  Also, after four long months in decline, the CTR Index of Windows Phones increased for the first time globally, while the global fill rate of ad networks dropped from 22% to 16%.