Smaato Serves Record Mobile In-App and Video Impressions in 2017

Smaato, a global real-time advertising platform for mobile publishers and app developers, announced that the company delivered record advertising impressions in Q4 2017, posting a 60% increase over Q4 2016.

The results were published in Smaato’s Q4 2017 Global Trends in Mobile Advertising Report, which offers key insights into the worldwide mobile programmatic advertising landscape based on in-depth analysis of the quarter’s ad impressions on the Smaato platform.

“Mobile advertising is growing extremely fast worldwide, especially in high-value categories including video and targeted in-app content,” said Arndt Groth, President of Smaato. “Smaato as a platform has experienced a substantial increase in both volume and pricing, a trend we expect to continue as we expand into other markets and create innovative new products for buyers and sellers.”

The report also notes that Smaato delivered 87% ad spending growth in the Americas and 61% growth in EMEA, the two regions with the highest increases. In 2017, the company also observed several massive growth factors that have changed mobile advertising significantly in the past few years — namely, significant growth from mobile video and in-app advertising.

In-app advertising accounted for 96% of global ad spending. In-app advertising has taken over the mobile advertising market, growing from 80% of total ad spending on the Smaato platform in 2016 to 96% in 2017. In-app’s domination of mobile ad spending last year was a global phenomenon, with in-app holding at least an 87% share of ad spending in each of the top 20 mobile advertising markets worldwide. Compared to mobile web, in-app ads also boasted much higher eCPMs, more user engagement and increased advertiser demand in Q4 2017.
Mobile video advertising increased by 14X. Video, which can offer higher engagement advertising to a more captive audience, took off in popularity in 2017. Across all of the top 10 mobile advertising markets, mobile video ad spending has increased by at least 6X over the past year, with in-stream pre-roll showing the highest increase in demand. In addition to a huge volume increase, Smaato also measured a mobile video eCPM increase of 70% from 2016 to 2017.

Want to know more? Download the full report here.