Smaato Offers 5 Tips for Tackling Mobile Monetization

Smaato Offers 5 Tips for Tackling Mobile Monetization

Smaato is kicking off the new year with some tips for monetizing mobile apps and websites.

True, finding the right strategy can be complex and confusing.

“At Smaato, we’ve been helping mobile publishers and app developers monetize their mobile inventory worldwide since 2005,” the company said in a blog post. “Based on this experience, we’re uniquely able to recommend some best practices that can bring a significant impact to the revenues you can generate with your mobile property.”

The first tip is to “pick a monetization strategy.”

“There are dozens of ways to generate revenues with your app, however, mobile advertising is the easiest and fastest technique,” suggests Smaato. “Advertisers are now investing a substantial amount of their advertising budgets into mobile. This trend is driven by two valuable things your app or mobile website has: users and data.”

Other tips include advice on inventory pricing, understanding that user data is key to monetization, choosing the best integration platform for success, and optimizing for the highest eCPMs and fill rates possible.

“It usually takes about 4 weeks to get to the point where you’re truly set up and bringing in the revenues you should be,” notes Smaato. “You need to set up, go live, optimize, see results, make new decisions and optimize again.”

You can get much more detail about each tip here.