Smaato Issues Groundbreaking Mobile Advertising Price Index

Smaato – a mobile supply side platform and mobile ad exchange – boldly went where few in mobile advertising have dared to go before. On Thursday, the organization released a mobile advertising pricing guide called the Smaato Index for app developers and mobile advertisers.

Powered by extensive analytics and a robust pricing engine, the Smaato Index offers real-world metrics to help focus mobile advertising efforts. The Smaato Index helps both advertisers and app developers navigate the complex mobile advertising landscape

For app developers, the company boasts, the Smaato Index “helps achieve the highest Average Revenue per User (ARPU). For advertisers, it helps to cost-effectively target the right countries.”

“Smaato helps customers gain data-driven decision-making capabilities,” comments Ragnar Kruse, co-founder and CEO of Smaato. “With our international customer base of over 55,000 application developers and relationships with over 80 ad networks, we measure what’s happening in real-time. The Smaato Index provides insight on where to spend ad budgets effectively and where publishers can make the most revenue.”

To read the official release from Smaato and assess the relevance of the Smaato Index, click here.