Skyrocketing TCPA Fines and Lawsuits Prompt Wednesday Discussion

iconectiv, an early innovator in the global communications industry, is now spearheading efforts to educate and advise brands, contact centers and businesses of all sizes on the severe legal vulnerabilities associated with consumer outreach under existing Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) regulations.

According to an announcement emailed to MMW this week, as part of its ongoing campaign to increase TCPA awareness, iconectiv’s Dee Eslinger will facilitate a marketing strategy-focused “Brain Exchange” session at Connect 2017 – The Mobile CX Summit in Philadelphia on Aug. 23rd.

We’re told that The roundtable participants will discuss the costly challenges that brands, call centers and business owners face in a TCPA lawsuit-friendly era, and explore the latest technologies developed to mitigate these financial woes.

A recent Twillio study found that while 9 in 10 consumers wish to increase text message communication with businesses, stringent TCPA guidelines make consumer outreach tricky. Under the TCPA, a business can be fined up to $1,500 per text if a message is delivered to an unintended recipient. With approximately 45 million U.S. mobile numbers assigned to new users each year, getting the right message to the intended consumer is increasingly challenging for brands conducting consumer outreach. C

The report notes that TCPA-related lawsuits have increased dramatically following highly publicized class action legal settlements that have reached extraordinary amounts, including a recent $280 million settlement against Dish Network.

To learn more about the summit today, click here.