Skin in the Game: Plastic Surgery Marketing Lets Surgeons Gain Online Exposure

Skin in the Game Plastic Surgery Marketing Lets Surgeons Gain Online ExposureThere’s a new firm in the marketplace catering exclusively to the plastic surgery industry.

According to an announcement shared with MMW, Plastic Surgery Marketing Ninja “serves as the ultimate resource for plastic surgeons who are very excited about gaining online exposure.”

Services include a broad range of blogging, website development, search engine optimization, social media, and article writing services.

“The company possesses good experience in the field of plastic surgery marketing services by working with many plastic surgeons who have initially struggled making a mark in this field,” the firm says.

“We are well aware of the fact that it is very frustrating to have one’s website buried deep beneath the mountain of the search results on Google,” explains one of the company’s spokespeople. “This is the reason why we have dedicated our services towards getting plastic surgeons out of their difficult positions.”

The services provided by the company include plastic surgery Adwords campaigns, affiliate marketing, blog commenting, bookmark service and budget calculation. Plastic surgery campaign tweaking, website bug fixing, competitor analysis, domain registration, and duplicate content control are among the other services provided by the firm.

Obviously, plastic surgeons have skin in this game. Now Plastic Surgery Marketing does, too.