Sizmek Makes Waves with Video Autoplay on Mobile

Sizmek Makes Waves with Video Autoplay on MobileAhead of the weekend, the folks at Sizmek, an open ad management company for multiscreen campaigns, confirmed the launch of Video Autoplay on Mobile in Ad Builder for HTML5 (the company’s web-based rich media authoring tool).

According to a report from MAW, Autoplay enables Sizmek to help advertisers produce soundless ‘teasers’ for mobile video ads that play immediately upon ad load without the need for user interaction.

Sizmek’s latest platform enhancement empowers marketers to deliver relevant and engaging mobile video content automatically to a user’s mobile device without being obtrusive.

“It goes without saying that for our film and TV clients ensuring we maximise consumption of video-based content is paramount,” says Pete Hotchkiss, Partner at Substance Global. “To date, limitations placed on video playback led to frustrating metrics and less than ideal ROI from allocated media spend. This new autoplay feature from Sizmek perfectly addresses these key challenges.”

To learn more about the benefits of Sizmek’s Autoplay, click here.