SITO Mobile Teams Up with Cardlytics to Boost Mobile Ad Campaigns with Better Intelligence

PrintA new partnership is designed to hook mobile location-based verified walk-in to ultimate purchase — as a means to give mobile marketers better measurement of the process from initial mobile engagement to a point-of-sale transaction.

Yes, SITO Mobile Ltd, a leading mobile engagement platform, will partner with with Cardlytics, a purchase intelligence platform. Cardlytics’ platform combines SITO Mobile’s location-based mobile advertising platform capabilities with Cardlytics’ purchase-based measurement offering.

“This partnership will offer SITO Mobile’s advertising clients a direct link from mobile location-based advertising and foot traffic (via SITO’s Real-time Verified-Walk-In), directly to consumer spend for full “closed-loop” measurement,” according to an announcement shared with MMW.

The goal is to coalesce location-based targeting with directly correlated offline and online purchase results. That helps advertisers gain insight into the effectiveness of their campaigns, as well as a better ROI based on campaign spend, demographics, and walk-in traffic.

“Using Cardlytics’ purchase intelligence is a natural extension of SITO’s Mobile Engagement Solution,” said Jerry Hug, CEO of SITO Mobile. “Providing closed-loop attribution is the holy grail for our advertisers, and this partnership will allow us to tie purchase data directly to mobile campaigns and location-based foot traffic.”

“SITO Mobile has already committed to run multiple campaigns along with Cardlytics as a result of strong client demand. This data partnership is one of many enhancements SITO Mobile is making to its mobile platform in the coming months as we continue to provide cutting edge mobile technology solutions and insights for our advertisers,” he added.

SITO Mobile’s engagement platform enables brands to increase awareness, loyalty, and — the ultimate goal — sales.