Simple Mobile App = Instant Savings Around Town

Mobile coupons are gaining acceptance more than ever, and it’s due in large part to companies like CellFire that manage large-scale deployment of digital coupons to the masses. CellFire in particular is setting the standard with it’s mobile application that gives the user an endless variety of savings that can be redeemed instantly, and are always available.

A user can simply access the cellfire app and search an ever-changing inventory of available coupons. No need to clip coupons, or remember to check a website or an email before you go. Since the coupons are updated and accessed in real-time, there’s no need for text messages as well.

CellFire is close to introducing a brand new service called Mobile Grocery Coupons, which will be a service that’s integrated with major grocery store chains to offer special discounts and content to customers in real-time. According to their website…

“…Cellfire’s mobile grocery coupon service will provide shoppers at major grocery chains with exciting exclusive discounts directly using their mobile phones and grocery savings cards. Many consumer brands are already on board, including General Mills, Procter & Gamble and Kimberly-Clark. We will be announcing the program launch very soon…”

The app runs on almost every phone made, and with several carriers. It looks like they’re trying to incorporate their technology into other uses like the grocery store example which should prove to be interesting. As customers become used to the savings and ease of use of the loyalty programs and other features the cellfire system provides, they’ll be more apt to continue shopping at that particular chain. The marketing potential is huge on several levels.