Simple Google Mobile Search Upgrade Proves Useful

Simple Google Mobile Search Upgrade Proves UsefulGoogle is always tweaking its products, with most small updates and enhancements going largely un-noticed by most, but one such upgrade to its mobile search service has proven useful- to me at least.

On Wednesday, Google announced they were bringing the “star” feature to mobile search- building on the same addition to their traditional search earlier in March.  It’s a dead-simple addition, but after a couple days of use I have to say it’s a very welcomed improvement to those who are search-prone via their devices, as I am.

When signed into your Google account, you can search on your mobile device and star results you find useful or interesting.  If you do the same search on your desktop, or anywhere else for that matter, the starred items show before any new results.

“For example, if you previously searched for ‘car reviews’ and starred a few sites that were useful while researching cars on your computer, searching for ‘car reviews’ on your phone will allow you to rediscover your starred items,” as Google explains on its blog.  “If there are additional results that you want to star while on mobile, simply click the star marker beside the result, and you will be able to see it later when searching from your computer or phone.”

I’m the type of guy who Google’s pretty much any question that comes to mind when I’m on the go- anything that sparks my curiosity is usually searched for on the spot, and in a few short days of use, I’ve already grown accustom to the new organization between desktop and mobile searches.  Try it out for yourself, I’m sure you’ll agree.