SIM Partners, Vibes Capitalize on Local Mobile Trend

SIM Partners, Vibes Capitalize on Local Mobile TrendSIM Partners has just teamed up with mobile marketing provider Vibes to integrate mobile wallet campaigns, including Apple Passbook.

The relationship, we’re told, will help national brands create online and in-store offers to convert shoppers into buyers based on a customer’s search intent and proximity.

The partnership integrates mobile wallet offers via Vibes’ Catapult Wallet Manager, which supports Apple’s iBeacon technology, with Velocity’s Publishing solution. This integration allows marketers to drive search visibility for location pages at scale with Velocity, as well as in-store transactions via mobile wallet offers featured on location pages.

“By turning ‘near me’ moments of local search into ‘in store’ moments of purchase, this partnership accelerates the velocity between consumer discovery and transaction for enterprise marketers,” says Jon Schepke, CEO of SIM Partners. “Our goal is to make location data actionable and content scalable to solve for the last mile, ultimately making locations matter for enterprise brands.”