ShoZu Unveils New App Store

ShoZu is up and running with the official ShoZu App Store, a marketplace for smartphone users to buy the ShoZu app for most major operating systems.

For now, the ShoZu App Store offers the app for BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Nokia smartphones, and, of course, the iPhone. ShoZu says that support for other models and operating systems are in the works.

At present, third-party app stores are selling the app at the same price for which the ShoZu App Store is selling it.

The ShoZu App Store confirms for mobile marketers and consumers alike that ShoZu is emphasizing app sales over free app giveaways and generating revenue from selling ad space.

ShoZu, however, will continue to provide cost-free ways to utilize the ShoZu service via mobile e-mail and other free software capatable with both Macs and PCs.