Showtime Lures Emmy Voters with iPhone App

Most agree that HBO has been a premium cable network pioneer of mobile campaigns that linked heir entertainment to the masses (and more importantly) the hard-to-please Emmy voters that show a greater affinity for programming that they can feel more intimate with.Now it’s Showtime that’s preparing for the upcoming 2009 Emmy Awards by partnering with mobile video delivery and advertising network Transpera.

With their heads put together, Showtime is set to unveil a new iPhone and iPod touch application that will allow voting members of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences to watch episodes of original series like Weeds, Dexter and Californication on their mobile device.

Traditionally, television networks release “screener DVDs” to voting members of the Academy for their consideration. The new iPhone app not only makes the screening process more convenient, Showtime is proud to call their Emmy’s blitz an “eco-friendly” campaign.

According to Showtime, “last year’s online Emmy campaign resulted in Academy members tuning in at a rate of approximately four full episodes per member–the network also generated a record 21 nominations.”