Showcase: “inneractive” Provides Real-Time Mobile Advertising Mediation For Mobile Apps

It’s been a while since we’ve showcased a mobile marketing or advertising provider here on MMW and what they have to offer, so I thought the time was right to showcase an up and coming startup in the mobile app monetization space: inneractive.

inneractive provides what they call a real-time “ad mediation platform” that continually works to make sure mobile app developers achieve the highest fill rates and eCPMs possible at any given moment.  The company partners with premium ad networks and local ad agencies around the world to ensure developers get 95% or higher average fill rates on a consistent basis, across all platforms.

I had a chance to ask Hillel Fuld — Marketing Director for inneractive — a few questions about how the platform works, and he explained, among other things, the company’s differing take on fill rates.  “While our average fill rate across platforms is well over 95%, it is important to emphasize what we call fill rate and what others define as fill rate,” he said.  “All of the ads we serve generate revenue for our developers.  While other networks and mediation companies speak of 99% fill rate, they often include “House ads” in that percentage, which are ads that do not generate revenue for the developer.  Our fill rate consists of pure revenue-generating ads.”

With several startups popping up that offer a similar service,  I asked Mr. Fuld what makes inneractive stand out from other mobile ad mediation providers and he said the company differs in many ways.  “For starters, we partner with not only the biggest names in global ad networks but also the leading local ad agencies in many countries across the globe… This ensures that our ads are highly targeted and achieve a higher CTR than our competitors,” he explained.  “In addition, we provide our developers with our APS (ad placement strategy) document to optimize the location of the ads while not compromising the user experience.  Lastly, inneractive partners with over 80 ad networks and agencies, which in and of itself separate inneractive from other ad mediation platforms.”

The prime advantage to using inneractive from a mobile application developer’s point-of-view is its sheer reach.  The company’s platform spans 200+ countries, over 80 agencies and ad networks and Mr. Fuld explained, it also features an extremely simple “10 second integration” of its cross-platform SDK.  “I think there’s definitely more room to expand and we are now broadening our partners and are in advanced negotiations with many other networks, who we hope will be integrated in our SDK soon,” continued Mr. Fuld.  For a prime example of the success inneractive has had for mobile app developers, take a look at this whitepaper the company published in March.

In addition to solving the app monetization problem, inneractive has recently launched a new service called inneractive 360 to help developers with the app discovery problem, by promoting the app on the company’s premium inventory to increase downloads.  You can sign up for inneractive here. For the inneractive 360 app discovery service, sign up here.