Should Your Marketing Plan Include Instagram?

If you’re not using Instagram to promote your business or brand, you may be missing out, especially with the arrival of video clips to the platform.

According to an insightful post from our friends at Daily Deal Media on Thursday, active Instagram users post some forty million photos a day on the Facebook-owned digital property.

“Using Instagram to market your product or service has unlimited potential,” today’s report advises, offering several important reasons for businesses to turn to Instagram today.

1. Brand Personality.  Give your potential customers a taste of who you are.  People do business with people they like.  Instagram provides you with a platform to open up in an informal way and show people how cool your brand is.  The right photos shared on Instagram can go a long way in building a personality and “aura” for your brand.

2. Connect with New Customers.  Showcase your product or service.  Use hashtags to ensure that people searching for what you have to offer can find you. A picture speaks a thousand words is the age old saying.  You have the ability to show people why they should do business with you.

3. Stay in the Conversation.  Keep people talking about your business by being creative.  Hold contests to promote your business. Encourage users to share photos of your product or location by offering rewards for the best photo or the most likes.

Need more reasons to bring your small business to Instagram? Check out the full post and complete list of savvy reasons here.