Shopping Malls Turn To Bluetooth For Marketing

A company that owns several shopping malls in South Africa recently teamed with a company called MobiBlitz, to install and maintain a network of bluetooth hotspots in nearly 72 shopping malls across the nation. The bluetooth hotspot itself, dubbed a “MobiZone” is a full-service proximity...

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bluehotspot.jpgA company that owns several shopping malls in South Africa recently teamed with a company called MobiBlitz, to install and maintain a network of bluetooth hotspots in nearly 72 shopping malls across the nation.

The bluetooth hotspot itself, dubbed a “MobiZone” is a full-service proximity marketing server that extends 100 meters, and networks together with other “MobiZones” to form a nationwide network operated from the company headquarters, providing flexibility for scheduling and adding content. Advertisers are able to select as many or as few “MobiZones” on the network as they require. Downloads by users are monitored in real-time, allowing for content to be changed at short notice.  As Stan Katz, co-founder of MobiBlitz describes…

…Now you can literally reach the people who count and accurately count the people you’ve reached. With Mobizone there is no possibility of inflating audience figures, clients know precisely how many consumers have actually seen their message. With pressure on budgets and return on investment the watchword of the day, there is no advertising medium that offers a more cost-effective solution.

MobiZones offer more than just a mobile marketing medium.  The offer things such as a store directories, special offers, movie trailers, news, weather, travel, etc. Certain content, including an exclusive “Mobisode” from MTV, is available free of charge in all MobiZones. User can even upload their own content to the zones as well.

With the concern of unwanted advertising being pushed upon patrons is apparent, MobiBlitz vows to have taken several steps to ensure the advertising is opt-in and that devices only receive requests once. Devices will never get the same message twice, and if a user denies access, it logs the data and doesn’t attempt again for a pre-determined amount of time.

MobiBlitz is trying to create a large footprint by expanding it’s network as fast as possible. Large brands like KFC, Wrigley, and MTV are already joining, and more are on the way. It’s a smart idea, and a new angle on creating a content network to advertise to. I think it should prove to be very effective, not only from an advertising standpoint, but also for a data-collection and statistics-tracking tool for large centers, like shopping malls.

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  1. Herman

    As I know do not have a suitable solution mobiblitz to create a network in the Mall … The solution is for beginners who are interested to be a simple push-sized content (1 Wallpaper size, 1 Ringtone format) via Bluetooth. I have tried the previous solution, and I can not even send to mobile Java applications. I think the system does not use the confession.

  2. Anouar Messaadi

    What do you think about the idea to reduce the range of bluetooth Systems or to make a variable range? Only if you give permission by entering the Zone of 3 Meter Radius per example. In this case you won’t be requested if you just pass by in a higher distance to the Bluetooth System. This is truly possible with state of the art bluetooth Hotspots.

    Btw. i fear also the scenario of bluetooth network with systems which just push the content without any control and without any device recognition you cannot even rely on the fact that the user can open the file after the download.

  3. The Baron

    I love your blog, Great stuff.

  4. James Briggs

    Bluetooth is truly the bane of mobile marketing’s existence. I can’t count how many customers have tried bluetooth and failed miserably. As a result they usually are turned off to mobile marketing. The fact is right now in the states, mobile marketing must be extremely easy for both the consumer and the marketer and bluetooth just doesn’t cut it. Not that bluetooth providers are 100% to blame, but their solutions for what I seen are not what you want a major marketer’s first experience with mobile to be.

  5. Anouar Messaadi

    Hi There

    As i know mobiblitz don’t have suitable Solutions for setting up networks in Malls … The solution is for beginners who are just interested into pushing simple sized content (1 Wallpaper size, 1 Ringtone format) via Bluetooth. I have tried the solution before and i couldn’t even send Java applications to mobile phones. I suppose the system don’t use a device recognition.

    By the way the system on the picture shown above is the beamzone not the Mobizone. If you would like to see more … visit

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  7. Giff Gfroerer, i2SMS

    Just my fear. Shopping Malls causing my phone to sound like it’s the fourth of July.

    Consumers will not tolerate this. This was tried in England with terrible results.

    Why aren’t they instead posting signs that say “IF you would like our offer, here is how to get it via Bluetooth?” They aren’t because the majority of folks don’t want it.

    Can’t anyone else on this forum see the annoyance of being contacted by all these shops when you simply want to go buy a pair of jeans?

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