Shoply Labs Augments ‘Hyperlocal Offerings’ with Beacon Partners

Shoply Labs Augments 'Hyperlocal Offerings' with Beacon PartnersShoply Labs is expanding its hyperlocal offerings in a move made possible through new partnerships.

This week, the company announced its strategic partnerships with leading beacon-based proximity marketing companies in the U.S.

With these partnerships, MMW is told, Shoply “expects to deliver hyper contextual content and promotions to shoppers, in the right place in the right moment.”

By partnering with select and complementing beacon partners, Shoply covers over 300 malls, 37000 storefronts, 12000 in-store placements, and 1200 standalone and big box retailers. With such coverage, Shoply app is one of the first to deliver a wide array of hyper contextual retail content and promotions to shoppers.

“Shoply has been delivering on the promise of magical shopping experience, cutting the clutter and delivering relevant coupons and promotions,” said Founder and CEO Pala Kuppusamy. “Our users enjoy the ability to view coupons and promotions based on their preferences and location. We’re very excited to onboard beacon based proximity marketing partners that take the delivery of hyperlocal and contextual promotions to next level.”