ShopKeep POS, LevelUp Back Mobile Loyalty Platform for iPad POS

ShopKeep POS – an iPad point of sale solution for small businesses – has found a new partner in LevelUp, a growing force in the realm of mobile loyalty payments.

On Friday, the two platforms teamed up to launch an integrated solution that allows merchants to process mobile payments and build loyalty from a store’s POS system.

With this new integration, merchants can now ring up sales and accept LevelUp payments right from their ShopKeep POS iPad register without switching devices.

“I love the ShopKeep POS system because it lets me move customers through the line quickly and their customer support is second to none,” Ike Escava, owner of a coffee shop called The Bean in New York City, said during today’s announcement. “Now that LevelUp is integrated I can process my cash, credit, and LevelUp transactions all through my ShopKeep iPad register and I get consolidated transaction reports all in one place.”

ShopKeep POS consolidates the LevelUp transactions with all other transaction information into one simple report that can be accessed anywhere. Merchants benefit from LevelUp’s 0% payment processing fees, and can participate in loyalty programs to retain customers.

Businesses interested in learning more about accepting LevelUp on ShopKeep POS are encouraged to click here.