Shopgate Rolls Out Partner Program for Enterprise-Grade App Platform

Shopgate, Inc., a leading SaaS mobile app platform, has just announced the launch of its New Partner Program at NRF 2018 Retail’s Big Show.

The new Shopgate Partner Program is designed for systems integrators, technology partners and eCommerce platforms — who are committed to delivering world-class mobile app solutions to their customers.

Shopgate’s ready-to-use infrastructure offers system integrators the advanced mobile app technology needed to build remarkable mobile shopping experiences. With best-in-class features, regular updates, hosting, maintenance and more — partners are able to focus on the customizations required to meet client demands. For a full list of technology capabilities, visit Shopgate’s developer documentation.

Shopgate’s certified early-access systems integration partners include Echidna, Adeo Web, DEP Labs, Ignitiv and Atmosol.

“We are pleased to launch our new Partner Program, giving agencies in our community access to an all-inclusive mobile commerce platform that keeps retailers on top of technology with regular updates, feature releases and more,” said Tiffany Spizzo, vice president of business development at Shopgate. “Through this program, our partners will be able to focus on building customized, user-friendly and content-rich mobile apps that meet today’s shopper demands.”

To learn more, check out Shopgate here.