ShopAdvisor Expands Partner Program to Enable Mobile Proximity Marketing Solutions

This week, MMW learned that ShopAdvisor, Inc, a leader in providing contextualized data and services to power and analyze mobile proximity marketing campaigns, is expanding its partner program.

We’re told that the ShopAdvisor Partner Program enables partner companies like Nielsen, Price Patrol, and Ninth Decimal, to feed data into the ShopAdvisor Platform to help deliver comprehensive mobile proximity marketing solutions to brands, retailers and digital agencies. The program brings together best of breed data, technology, services and app providers to power proximity marketing campaigns which engage shoppers with personalized experiences that offer the right product at the right to time with options to buy online, buy online and pick up in store or buy in the store.

The comprehensive solutions enabled by the program also provide an unmatched ability to plan, test, optimize, execute and measure campaign effectiveness and determine financial impact and return on ad spend.

“The biggest challenges brands, retailers and digital agencies face in making mobile proximity marketing successful is quickly pulling together all the pieces of the ecosystem necessary to make it work and then show measurable return on the campaign after it has run,” said Bill McLaughlin, ShopAdvisor’s SVP of Sales and Marketing. “Our enhanced partner program is a manifestation of our work over the past 18 months in expanding the ShopAdvisor Platform, delivering a new version of our API and formulating relationships with data, technology, services and app partners with whom we’ve already delivered successful campaigns. We look forward to future collaborations with existing partners and adding more to this ecosystem.”

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