Shares of Google Touch Record High Above $800

Shares of Google blew past the $800 level today as the Internet search behemoth saw its stock reach an all-time record high.

With mobile computing bolstering Google’s growth at every turn, investor optimism has soared in recent months.

“The shares advanced 1.3 percent to $803.55 at 10:18 a.m. in New York, and earlier touched $803.91 for the highest intraday price the company went public in August 2004,” explains Lisa Rapaport of Bloomberg.

Helping drive shares higher are reports that Google will soon open its own line of retail stores, a move expected to closely resemble Apple’s highly profitable retail strategy.

According to analysts speaking with the Associated Press, Google’s recent ascent – climbing 30% on Wall Street in the last 12 months alone – also clearly represents a show of strong faith in co-founder Larry Page, who became Google’s CEO in 2011.