ShareIQ Rolls Out First Image Performance Platform for Digital Marketing

Ahead of the weekend, MMW learned that ShareIQ has launched the first image performance platform to provide full transparency on how branded visual content engages consumers across social media platforms and publishers.

“With three billion images being uploaded to the web every day, the software-as-a-service solves a growing problem facing brands: the lack of visibility in how, where and why their visual content is seen and shared across the web,” the company tells us. “By identifying, tracking and anticipating how images lead to engagement and action, ShareIQ enables brands to measure and optimize their visual content.”

Through the deployment of proprietary image DNA technology, ShareIQ has analyzed and indexed more than 750 billion digital brand images. The platform creates in-depth performance analyses on both owned and competitive images so that brands can discover exactly what visual images, be it theirs or their competitors’, inspire influencers and drive social trends.

“Our goal at ShareIQ is to give our customers a three-dimensional view of image activity and to help them understand how visual content is posted, shared and discovered across the Internet,” said Brian Killen, founder and CEO, ShareIQ. “We can show you what worked yesterday or last month and, more importantly, what’s going to work tomorrow. At the CMO level, ShareIQ is a must-have solution that enables marketing teams to benchmark against competitors´ image performance and optimize their ad spend and brand investments.”