SessionM’s Mobile Marketing Cloud Getting Big Clients

sessionmThe team at SessionM tells MMW that several more category leaders have signed on to its Mobile Marketing Cloud.

The platform combines marketing automation with personalized messaging and data management, enabling brands to engage directly with consumers via mobile while guiding them down the path to purchase and loyalty.

The announcement comes just months after the platform debuted and the company secured growth capital to accelerate aggressive expansion in the enterprise-marketing sector.
“To see the SessionM platform so quickly embraced by category leaders across nearly all consumer-facing industries validates the huge shift that is happening in how brands engage and retain their customers,” says SessionM CEO and co-founder Lars Albright. “For example, we’re working with arguably the most technology-enabled retailer in the world to use the platform to tie together SKU-level data with other customer behavior in order to deliver personalized messaging in-store and in-app. Early results are fantastic.”