SessionM: Mobile Matters to Consumers Looking to Make a Purchase

ios-1091302_960_720SessionM, a leader in mobile marketing cloud technology, just shared with MMW the results of a new survey about consumers and their mobile habits.

According to the shared summary, the study reveals that mobile is now the most popular way of researching products, with 53 percent of consumers using mobile web, and 20 percent researching products in-app before purchasing them.

Many of those consumers have also made purchases via their smartphone in the last 30 days, with 33 percent reporting one to three purchases, and 30 percent reporting four or more mobile purchases in that time span.

SessionM surveyed more than 5,300 consumers about their mobile usage, brand communications and shopping preferences on smartphones.

“The way consumers interact and engage with brands on mobile is constantly evolving,” said Lars Albright, co-founder and CEO of SessionM. “Now that mobile is the #1 way consumers are researching products and a more common channel for making purchases, brands need to be thinking about how they can stay ahead of the game. Being on mobile isn’t enough – companies need to be strategic with tactics like personalization and technologies like push notifications in order to be successful.”