Sesame Street Becoming a Formidable Force in Mobile

Over the weekend, millions of kids the world over interacted with their favorite Sesame Street characters on mom and dad’s iPad, mobile phone, or nearest connected gadget.

With the wind of momentum favorably at their back, makers of children’s entertainment are scrambling to go mobile as quickly as possible.

To that end, Callaway Digital Arts, a developer of interactive mobile applications for children and families, is teaming up with Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit education organization behind Sesame Street.

The two powerhouses announced an “extended partnership” late last week to develop three new interactive children’s apps.

The first title under the extended agreement is a reimagining of the classic Sesame Street book The Great Cookie Thief for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, which will have high-definition art optimized for the new iPad’s Retina display and will make use of other features of the new iPad.

In addition to the new app, Callaway says, the collaboration between Callaway Digital Arts and Sesame Workshop will include the development of interactive mobile apps, featuring both original and adapted content.

“We are privileged to deepen our collaboration with the most loved and revered children’s educational provider, Sesame Street,” said Callaway Digital Arts CEO Rex Ishibashi. “With The Great Cookie Thief and more, we’ll continue to bring stories featuring cherished Sesame Street characters to the most advanced touch devices—iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.”